At RewardMe,
Your Every Purchase Counts!

It means your every purchase can be rewarded for what you have contributed.

Game Changer

You generate a ton of data every day, especially through shopping. Email receipts, what you search for or buy — all of these can be aggregated into valuable insights that answer some of the biggest questions in this world. But, while you’re providing important consumer data, you don’t get anything in return. RewardMe wants to change that.

Your Data Makes Value for You

RewardMe is part of the MDT ecosystem, a decentralized data-exchange platform that rewards YOU for the data you contribute. Once you opt-in, your data is anonymized, aggregated, and exchanged as big data. And the platform creates smart contracts through the blockchain to make sure you get your cut — The Rewards you earn from our app!

Join us in this sustainable reward ecosystem, and have fun!
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